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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  October 9, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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authorities are skeptical of his story. >> he may be taking the fall for the other guy. >> reporter: the victims were taken to the hospital where they remain in serious condition. . >> i don't think she is doing quite well because she is in surgery and been there since 11:30. >> reporter: the crossing guard dana is heading in to surgery too. she has go broken leppings, broken ribs, kidney damage, a fractured neck and head trauma a. her family said she has been in and out of consciousness. >> she said i love you and that's a good thing. we want her to know we love her too. i'm hoping she will be okay. >> reporter: police are still looking for the second man in the suv. they say he had outstanding warrants. they believe that alcohol may have been a factor in this crash. live in walnut creek. >> hazardous materials experts carried out a explosion of long
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forgotten chemical chemicals. officials say the crate with almost 100 canisters was found yesterday at the fairgrounds. investigators say it was part of a stash of disaster supplies for a hospital and may have been there since the 50s. it was safer to set them off than to transport it. the evacuation was in place for nearby homes. the terrible didn't pose a risk to residents. >> happening now it is decision day in san francisco for the suspended sheriff. supervisors had been meeting since two this afternoon. these are live pictures inside the board of supervisors chambers. at some point they are expected to vote on whether he will be allowed to keep his job. david stevenson is outside city hall now so how much longer until they are expected to vote? >> reporter: it's going to be a while, particularly because of the public comment and interest in the case. i have come from inskied there is so much interest in the case you can't see city hall but
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they set up three rooms for people who couldn't get into the main chambers. let's go take a live look where the public comment is underway. it started about 45 minutes ago. supervisors also grilled the lawyers and city attorneys representing the mayor on arguments for and against sustaining official misconduct charges against him. earlier today more than 100 supporters rallied on the steps of city hall chanting reinstate ross. they describe the proceedings as a political conspiracy and a power grab by the mayor. domestic violence activists say there is no way he can seven as sheriff and administrator domestic violence programs after bruising his wife and pleading guilty to false imprisonment. it was found he committed official misconduct and he is fighting to hold onto his job. >> here really to enforce the people's judgement that they are asking their mayor, the
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ethics commission and the board of supervisors to take action to protect them from officials who commit official misconduct. >> the first time a mayor has asserted the unprecedent authority to suspend from office annie electricitied official based on a misdemeanor committed before he was in office. >> reporter: another live look inside the hearing. the line for people wanting to speak stretches around the room and outside the roomt. will take nine of 11 supervisors to remove him from office. if they vote to reinstate him it's unclear how soon he could resume look but a new election could come next june in he is removed. a dinner break is scheduled for 6:30 and a vote could come later this evening. i have been told there is 100 people waiting to speak. we will watch the hearing all night and will bring you the latest on what is going on inside. for now reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson. >> and more details now on
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this long drawn out case involving the sheriff. it started on new year's when he argued with his wife. on january 8th he was sworn in as san francisco's new sheriff. five days later he was charged with three criminal counts. then on march 12th he reached a deal pleading guilty to misdemeanor false imprisonment and less than two weeks later the mayor suspended him as sheriff. then on august 16th, the ethics committee ruled he had engaged in official misconduct. we will be streaming tonight's board meeting live after our newscast. you can also find a link right at the top of the home page and we have more information in the tab. >> alameda county prosecutors announced an oakland police officer will not face criminal charges in the shooting of an 18-year-old. its been the subject of angry demonstrations over report that
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the teen was armed. the report lists several new details about the shooting by the officer. it said that the teen was armed with a pistol that had his thumb print on it. the report said that after he was shot once and fell he continued to point the gun at the officer. the officer said he went into survival mode and shot him two more times. you can read the full report by going to the website and clicking on hot topics. berkeley police are investigating what is being called an accidental shoot that injured an officer. the officer shot himself in the leg this morning while dressing for duty during the department's locker room in the basement. he was putting the weapon away when it discharged. other officers were in the room but nobody else was hurt. the officer is a 20 year veteran of the department. his injury isn't life threatening. >> the national park service has confirmed now that a missing employee from yosemite has been found. jessica rose garcia disappeared
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after a meeting for her new job on saturday and the park service just found her this afternoon in a rugged area. they say she needed an air lift but that her injuries were minor. she was hiking off trail during a day hike and was reported missing when she didn't show up for work on sunday. turning now to election, the president is campaigning in ohio tonight after a swing through the bay area. he climbed on board air force one at sfo late this morning. he then flew onto columbus for an appearance at ohio state university. no word on how much money he raced in the bay area but initial estimates were it could be up to six million dollars. voters casting ballots today in several counties around the state. some in san francisco were up early this morning to cast their votes. early voting opened yesterday in california, today voters can also vote by mail. signed vote by mailable indications must be submitted to the department of elections
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no later than october 30th and the deadline to register to vote is october 22nd. there is more fall out over romney's comments about big bird in last week's debate. at 5:35 the new ad just released by the obama campaign and who is asking the administration to pull it. it's not romney or the republicans. >> jerry sandusky was sentenced today. he will spend at least 30 years in jail. effectively it's a life sentence. >> reporter: he arrived at the courts house clutching a folder smiling. he faced up to 400 years in jail. the 68-year-old continued to proclaim his innocence in court. speaking for about 13 minutes he insisted that he didn't do these disgusting acts. the lead prosecutor called his speech ridiculous. >> his statement today was a
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masterpiece ofself delusion, completely unattach from reality and without any acceptance of responsibility. >> reporter: then victim after victim claimed he is also a lier. victim number six cried telling sandusky its time for you to admit your sins. convict victim number four said screwed up my life. the judge sentenced him to a minimum of 30 years and a maximum of 60 years. the defense attorneys promptly announced plans to appeal insisting they didn't have enough time to prepare. >> what happened in cases like this where everybody decides someone is guilty and we may as well just get this over with is that you loose the concept of due process. >> reporter: the concept of life in prison may have finally hit sandusky who was emotional in court for the first time mentioning his wife, his love
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of children and even the family dog. >> investigators have charged 530 people for allegedly defrauding more than 73,000 homeowner across the country. today the attorney general discussed the results of a year long probe. housing and urban development secretary estimated that homeowners lost more than a billion dollars in fraud schemes. >> families need to know they should never, never have to pay someone to get the help that they need to save their home. >> according to records they would pay substantial fee was promises that so-called investors would buy the mortgages. coming up at six, one east bay city is rolling out a five point plan to stray to stop foreclosure. a new bi-partisan gang of
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senators kicked off a meeting in washington dc to work on a long term deficit reduction plan. the group takes over where the gang of six left off last year. they are reconvening two new members to try to find a way to cancel tax hikes and spending cuts set to kick in on january 1st. if they go into effect some warn it could put the country back into a recession. >> a sea lion in disstress. >> and a pretty nice day but live storm tracker 2 showing showers. we mentioned a chance again for sprinkles tomorrow. when that could happen. s out! no mommy no!
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. now to the continuing coverage of playoff fever in the bay area and today it's do or die for the giants and the
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a's. we have live team coverage for you beginning with joe fonzi live in cincinnati where the giants in the middle of a must win game. >> reporter: you hear a lot about that term in sports, must win games but for the giants it's absolutely applying tonight. they are down two to none in their series and they must win or go home. the folks in cincinnati here are very optimistic. there were plenty of reds fans in places you would expect them, saying what you would expect them to say. >> we will kick their butts. >> beat tonight. the fans are excited. >> we are winning tonight. they are winning tonight. i'm just going to be there. >> reporter: you get a feel for how the team has captured the imagination of the city when you go to a place like the antiques auction. >> its been a long time. playoff for the reds and -- the last time we won the world series it's a long time.
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a lot of excitement now. >> reporter: it's obvious that the success of the reds has been good for business. >> its been crazy for weeks. this morning is no different. people are excited. the weather helped, chilly so people getting their cold weather stuff and i think people are excited. >> reporter: giants and reds fans don't share a common interest in the outcome of the series but they share a high regard for reds manager, dusty baker. >> we love dusty. we love him. he is just -- he seems to really just sort of identity with us. >> he has helped us along. push us in the right direction. we appreciate san francisco giving him up. >> reporter: the giants have been having trouble scoring runs, the entire series. they have only got one tonight with -- without the benefit of a hit in the inning but this game -- any way they are holding the reds just one run. they are 1-1 in the 8th. we will update tonight as they are warranted. until then reporting live from
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cincinnati ohio. >> giants fans gathered all over the bay area to watch their team play in this must win game. we have a camera out at pete's tavern. it's across the street from at&t park. still a lot of eyes glued to the screens watch what will happen. across the bay the a's fans will be part of tonight's sell out crowd there and you can see here they are already outside the ballpark. this is a live picture of the parking lot this is where a lot of fans getting ready to go inskied seat excite -- ininside and see the game. the coverage of the playoff game continues throughout the newscast. at 5:30 we will have a live report from san francisco. that's where the fans we showed you are watching tonight's giant's game. at 5:45 we go back out to oakland where you will hear from fans as they get ready to root on the a's. >> new information tonight
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about a body found in the back of a car on sunday. today its being reported that an autopsy determined that the man died from gun shot wounds. his body was found in the backseat of a car. police say that the body was wrapped in clothe and appeared to have been in that car for a while. >> new claims that state department officials declined to act to beef up security for diplomats in libya prior to the attacks that killed chris stevens. the attack is set to take center stage in a hearing tomorrow into what happened. a security official stationed in the area said that on two occasions he asked for more security. he said that department officials instead wanted to make operations normal and reduce security. he is among those who is set to testify tomorrow. >> the nato secretary general is supporting turkey a right to defend itself as tensions continue to grow with syria.
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turkey tanks are lined newspaper fighting position near the border of syria. they have been exchanging fire since a stray shell killed five in turkey last week. today the secretary general spoke and said the alliance has drawn up plans to defend turkey in fez. >> obviously, turkey can rely on nato, we have -- all necessary plans in place to protect and defend turkey if necessary. >> many of turkey's schools shut along the border and children are pleading for the end of the violence. they say they haven't been to school in 20 days and want to go back to class. north korea made new claims about its long range missiles saying it has rocket that can reach the united states. they also addressed an agreement between the south and south korea to extend the range
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of south korea's missiles and said it increases the risk of a war on the peninsula. the white house called the recent missile test a notable failure. >> prices at the pump hit another record high as the state takes action to try to bring down the prices. the average is $4.67 today. that's the highest on record in california. around the bay area it's $4.68 in oakland. it's $4.67 in san jose and 4 black 74 in san francisco. as we told you yesterday, the governor has ordered the early release of winter blend fuel to try to pump up the supply and bring down surprises. >> another beautiful fall day in the bay area but still talking about a tiny chance of wet weather. >> yeah. a tiny chance. we have been talking about since last week. the storm tracker showing those
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showers, that's where they remain. that low pressure center the one that broke the heat wave last week and you see the rotation, that's -- that's the low. what it'll do is its tracking this way. sort of south and east. a few of these north end source up in here could end up in the coastal hills, santa cruz or maybe around mission peak in fremont into the next 12 hours. right now like i said last night, looks like a nonevent -- the main impact on temperatures. humidity, and wind direction. we have had just a mild, very nice couple day around here and is stays that way. 71 in napa with a lot of sun. 75 fairfield. that was in the warm spot. 67 degrees in san jose. we had a lot of sun. that low -- when they get detach from the jet stream they drift around. they don't have any real focus. the regular storm, they roll right through.
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we see it's coming through. the things sitting out there for seven days? maybe longer. the overnight lows will be chilly. really chilly last night. you notice it in the morning, 50 livermore and 50 san jose. tomorrow morning as you start your day, jacket time. i know the kids are probably wearing hoodies and that's probably how it's going be. the forecast headlines we bring a little bit of patchy fog, the inversion because of that low almost not there. wednesday a lot like today. that was a lot like yesterday. the extended forecast, you have a warmer weekend coming your way and things will start to turn around. when i come back at 5:45 we will look at the computer model and show you when the next chance of showers are. we have a shot tomorrow like we did today and into friday we will have all that with the five-day forecast. see you back at 5:45. >> late this afternoon we watched the sea lion rescue at pier39 through a live feed in
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to the newsroom. rob roth live with the amazing pictures and why what rescuers did before they moved in made all the difference. >> reporter: the rescue happened here out on the dock where sea lions often sun themselves. one had something around its neck and a call went out to the center. rescuers say what they found around its neck was a plastic bag. >> they are deadly. they are real curious and they will look at it and nose it and then get it on and they will get it on when they are little and it stays on and they wear it and grow into it. >> reporter: rescuers first shot it with a tranq, waited for it to get tired and then captured it. >> you can see they were sneaking up on it. they had to -- judge when he was actually doing a little bit
5:22 pm
of looking around verses when it was safe to move. it's a little bit of a cat and mouse game. >> the crowd of on lookers showed their relief when it was safely in the hands of the rescuers. it was put in a crate and taken to the center in sololito. it should return to the water in a day or two. they -- saw a second one with fishing line and expect to return this week to help with that one as well but for now it appears to be a happy ending here. reporting live in san francisco, rob roth. ktvu channel 2news. >> we have developing news right now out of palo alto. want to show you live pictures from news chopper 2 where a tree is down on the caltrain tracks there. difficult to see where that tree is but the bottom line is that according police trains are single tracking, through
5:23 pm
the. >> yes see if you can see the tree. i guess it looks like the tree has been cleared. a crew on the scene taking care of that tree. we will continue to follow the story and bring you updates, again, caltrain was single tracking through the area but now that tree has been removed trains will be back on the normal schedule but there may be delays so keep that in mind if you expect someone home. >> the former president came to northern california today. i don't spend money
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. bill clinton rallied for four democrats in california house races today at uc davis. he hopes to help them keep their seats and boost the efforts of two others as they try to unseat incumbent gop congressmen. >> we don't need any lectures on beingself reliant. we need a road map to a brighter future and these guy also give to you. i want you to vote for all of them. they represent america. >> reporter: all four races are in the greater sacramento area about 5,000 students and supporters came to the rally. for more information on the candidates and the four races head to
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13450 a teen accused in a shooting, the theft of a car was in court today. one of the alleged victims described what it was like looking down the barrel of a gun. >> reporter: he said he put his arm up and ducked as quickly as possible. the teen suspect was a subject of an attempted jail break out of juvenile hall this summer and because of that his hearing today included extra security including a second metal detector put at the entrance of the courtroom. >> we are -- after the shooting happened of course. >> reporter: max wade showed little emotion sitting in a striped jail uniform. the judge didn't allow video of victims and witnesses, only granting the camera access to about 30 minutes of testimony from detectives. >> wearing a black vest. >> reporter: one detective discussed video from nearby gas
5:30 pm
stations, showing a motorcycle rider covered nearly head to toe around the time of the drive by shooting. >> very -- the motorcycle and the rider. >> reporter: wade was the motorcycle rider investigators say behind the drive by that targeted a 17-year-old girl and a young man in a truck in mill valley. one of the victims testified that he looked down the barrel of the gun and that about five shots were fired and glass shattered every everywhere. the girl knew wade because he sold her a fake id. she said she twice saw him in a yellow car. he is a accused in a theft of stealing a car that belonged to guy ferrari and there was a break out attempt likely designed to try to free him. authorities found a window smashed and a fence cut at juvenile hall where he was being held until he is 18. moments ago his attorney declined to talk about the case but did share how his client is doing. >> he is doing fine.
5:31 pm
as well as any other 18-year- old in this stressful situation would be. >> reporter: his mom was in court, she brought him a change of clothes. she said she didn't ready to say much but feels people are getting the wrong idea about him. both sides are due back in court thursday morning. >> bay area band green day is canceling plans for a headlining performance at the voodoo music festival. it didn't include a reason but comes less than a month after the front man billy joel armstrong had a on stage meltdown. he started treatment for substance abuse after that. the festival was one of the few appearances they hadn't canceled after that incident. > departments in the bay area feeling the squeeze as the government cuts grants to help those departments. figures show that this year the
5:32 pm
government cut $140 million in financial aid to local fire departments. california was already hit with a two million dollar reduction in federal fire grants in 2010. the united states fire administration which helps local firefighters is also poised for a budget cut. >> they are limited dollars. locally they struggle with budgets at the federal level. >> reporter: oakland officials say their department is dealing with tough economic times and they say they will have to start looking for other sources of revenue if grants continue to dry up. >> now to the election coverage. romney has taken a slight lead over the president. according to polls, in the five- days after last week's debate 49% of likely voters say they support romney, 47% say they back obama. however, among all registered
5:33 pm
voters, the president still holds a three point lead over romney. >> the folks behind seasame street asking the obama campaign to stop running a new ad that features big bird. >> big bird, big bird. it's me. big bird. >> big, yellow. . >> reporter: the ad mocks his promise to end the payments to pbs painting big bird as the shady criminal mastermind between scandals. the workshop said it's a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that doesn't endorse candidates or participate in political campaigns. at an event romney said that the obama campaign should be concerned about more important issues. >> these are tough times with real serious issues, you have to scratch your head when the president spends the last week talking about saving big bird. >> the ads are set to air
5:34 pm
nationally and the obama campaign said they will be reviewing the corn certains. >> coming up the one thing in the produce aisle that could affect your risk of stroke. and why authorities don't know where a mexican cartel leader's body is. >> and what a new study said about the effectiveness of a weight loss program.
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. thousands of protesters filled the street as the german chancellor came. many people in greece blame germany for forcing their leaders to slash spending that has had a devastating impact on jobs, waynes and pensions. greece is still facing another 17 and a half billion dollar cut over the next two years to qualify for a rescue loan payment. the body of the leader of a violent drug cartel has been stolen. he was killed two days ago in a shoot out with government forces in northern mention mexico. last night his body was stolen.
5:38 pm
authority has no explanation. % they were unguarded. a 48 week study shows several universities. it said people in programs like weight watchers lost as much weight as people in programs led by health experts. a new study shows prescription drugs may still work well past their expiration date this could impact health care costs and drug shortages but the news come was warnings. the research only looked at bottles that had never been opened only certain drugs were tested. . >> a healthy portion of tomato sauce could cut your risk of stroke. a new study out of finland indicate that tomatoes are good
5:39 pm
for brain health. the risk of stroke was reduced as much as 55% among men with the highest levels. it's the highest in cooked but is also found in raw as well as watermelon, grapefruit, papaya and mango. >> two games down but a's fans say no sweat. why they don't see defeat but a sweep at home. >> and back here in just a few minutes, really a nice day but there are showers off shore and there are sprinkles still in the forecast. what it all means. ess receive.
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. it's a do or die situation for both bay area baseball teams tonight. our coverage continues. fans watching the giant was fingers crossed. >> reporter: its like fans in here are holding their breath. you can see there is a little more than 100 fans inside. it not very loud but something good happens for the giants and they get wild for just a few seconds. giants fans know the game is do or die being down two in a best of five situation. the atmosphere is rather tense for one bay area couple it's almost tragic. one is a giants fan, the other on the other team. >> we hoping toa -- we were hoping to avoid this situation but, you know, it's --. >> we went to game one and sat
5:43 pm
an other sides of the stadium and it was more fun. game two we sat next to each other and i had to air clap the whole time. >> reporter: not easy situation for them. another thing difficult for fans, an afternoon game meaning some had to play hooky or take their work to the bar. back out live you can see fans again just very quiet, waiting to see what happens, as soon as the game is over we will come back out live and get reaction. >> thank you. big hopes for the a's tonight. two games down and one loss from the end of the road. >> reporter: if you list tonight a's fans we talked to you would think their team which is facing elimination has the tigers just where they want them and that's here at home. for this young a's team it has
5:44 pm
been unreal. maybe that's why for fans. the reality of being two games down doesn't seem to bother them. >> we will win tonight of course. then we will win tomorrow night. then thursday it's on. its going to be a sweep. >> texas,. >> reporter: and may be something to that. >> just like texas. >> reporter: they have watched the a's play great at home all season long. >> they have been pushing all year. you know trying and trying. >> reporter: they say from there is something special. >> there is not one single person carrying the team. you never know what will be the next one and that makes it really exciting. >> reporter: the fabs that we talked to, several said they not only have tickets but tickets for wednesday and thursday should the a's win and
5:45 pm
the series go on. one woman said she has her tickets ready for the championship series. in oakland. >> wal-mart is about to start testing a same day delivery service in the bay area as it gears up for the service. it'll start it later this month or early november. customers will pay ten dollars for each delivery with no minimum purchase requirement. they say orders put online by noon will be delivered by ups with in a four hour window. >> wells fargo now the 5th bank to face a lawsuit over allegations of mortgage fraud. the government filed the lawsuit against the bank today. the government lawyers are accuse the bank of misrepresenting the quality of mortgage loans in trying to recoup hundreds of millions of dollars that the fha paid for insurance claims. they deny the allegations. three of the other four banks have settled. it was a hard day on wall
5:46 pm
street. the s and p closed down almost 15 points. >> 11 people dead of the national meningitis outbreak. steriod shots, normally used to treat back pain are linked to it. investigators suspect it came from a speciality pharmacy in new england and now the group public citizen is calling on lawmakers to demand tougher oversight of those kinds of pharmacies. >> the system here failed either because of inlaws or regulations. >> at least 119 have gotten sick and as many as 13,000 in 23 states may have been exposed. 600 in california were treated with the shot but at least check none had gotten kick none of them were here in the bay area. >> yesterday here bill martin talked about very subtle changes in the weather and we
5:47 pm
can't tell to much difference from yesterday. >> yeah. just got that fall texture. there is that low pressure center off shore. its dropping rain. you can see it behind me. it'll probably stay off shore. the source, had this low kicked through like this we would have had scattered showers today. the forecast model has it kicking this way, south and east through the next 24 hours but there is a chance of showers down in this area tomorrow afternoon. ly show you that on the model coming up. these are the national weather service official highs for the day. the highs will vary but -- like san francisco, or -- at the airport. haywood at the airport. livermore. a lot of the places, the recording sights are not at all like your neighborhood. lots of microclimates. you may have gone 77 degrees. this is a system we are tracking. i got to tell you -- the forecast because they just sort
5:48 pm
of sit there. this thing is just hanging. it's accurate. right now pulling back. but now it'll dry soup. how does that play out? means tomorrow a lot like today. >> a lot like today. temperature wise, cloud cover wise, everything wise. as we get into the afternoon a computer model spinning south. watch for green. about three or four tomorrow afternoon gilroy, morgan hill, keeping in san jose and -- if that happens that's the thunderstorm. that's kind of thing we will look for. this is the computer model. tonight when i get home -- tonight at 10:00 -- tonight at 10:00, have to lay this computer model in a -- and show you what you can expect. then that forecast hopefully will get the showers. you don't need thunderstorms. it's no that funny. temperatures in the 70's. 73 in morgan hill.
5:49 pm
73 gilroy. i will worry about thunderstorms. looks like sprinkles at best. that's tomorrow and afternoon. the five-day forecast popping in with the bay area weekend in view and you can see very fall like weather and hangs in, warms up on the weekend. next 24 hours we will watch it. >> tonight's game. >> perfect weather. really nice. just like it is now. temperatures in the 60s. down to 55 tonight. >> new survey suggested increasing number of americans are losing faith in organized religion. the forum found about 20% of american adults say they have no particular ties to a given faith. that's up from about 15% five years ago. the figures show a generational shift among younger americans, one third under the age of 30 say they don't identity with a particular religion. >> jellyfish near fresno. a sight you don't see every day and people were surprised to find a group in a pond off the river. a professor said they are
5:50 pm
freshwater one that turn up in the river. they were last seen in 2007. they are just about the size of a penny, much smaller than the ocean relatives and the stings less toxir. >> still ahead, what the rover just found on mars. and what researchers are saying between children's well being and where they live.
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5:53 pm
. high winds today derailed plans for a death defying 23- mile skydive agriculture tempt in new mexico. the former military parachuter is on a quest to become the first skydiver ever to break the sound barrier. he planned to make his jump from a c aps ule carried in to by a balloon but that balloon is so delicate it can only take flight in winds of two miles an hour or less. they plan to try again as soon as the weather cooperates. >> china is warning its relationship with the united states could be hurt following a report that is targeting two china companies. the house intelligence committee report said that the companies are working closely with the government and said that the equipment could be used for spying. china called the claims groundless accusations and said they threaten to undermine the
5:54 pm
cooperation and development with the united states. >> santa clara was rated one one of the better preforming counties and that didn't surprise a teacher at northwood. >> we do have a big focus on the creating an area for them to learn and progress from the very beginning. >> the report by children now out of oakland put santa clara in the top third of 15 out of 28 categories. they only scored in the bottom in one category. the caters -- 58 counties, another teacher said students success is often affected by what happens at home. >> if you are coming to school and your parents are in jail that's hard. so, we work toward trying to
5:55 pm
get them to accept. >> it offers a representation of issues including those based on race and location. if you want to check out the scores for your school district you will find the report on the website. just go to the home page and click on web links. >> new health study finding -- adhd may betode to how much -- [inaudible]. it was done by researchers at the boston university school of public health. they found that eating two servings of fish a week was linked to about a 60% lower risk of kids developing certain adhd like symptoms. elevated mercury levels which can also come from eating more fish were tied to a higher risk of developing the symptoms including inability to look at attention. >> a shine a object on mars has caught attention.
5:56 pm
take a look at this photograph. after just it's first scoop of soil it picked up this unknown object. it's tiny, we put that red circle around it for you and it's there inside. the sampling has stopped to look at that object. here is it's close up. they said it's possible this is a piece of hardware from the rover. >> a berkeley was named one of the receivers of the noble prize. currently he works at the nattiness street of standards and technology and the university of colorado in boulder. judges say the two working separately found ground breaking meth odds to look at the properties of particles while saving their properties.
5:57 pm
>> an 11-year-old said his mother saved his life today. coming up, the cross walk crash that struck the boy. >> and a neighborhood on alert. the series of fires that has residents and police on the hunt for a fire bug.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
. tonight is decision night. right now san francisco's supervisorrers are discussing whether to permanently remove the sheriff from his post as sheriff. >> my mom ran over to me. >> a mother's quick action saved her son's life. we talked to the 11-year-old struck by the same asuv that injured his mother. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2news at six. >> good evening . >> antioch police are trying to determine how a driver lost control and crashed into three people at a school crosswalk. we have team coverage tonight, ann is live in walnut creek where the crossing guard is in serious condition. >> reporter: her family is still in disbelief. they had planned on celebrating her son's


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